Maps and Campsites

  • We have an A3 double-sided map of West Norfolk that you can download and print: one side is a CyclOSM overview of the borough and the other is a map of King's Lynn;
  • is a good route planner with a map that shows whether cycleways are gravel or tarmac and has options to show campsites and hotels - it has pages for King's Lynn, Downham Market, Hunstanton, Wisbech, Swaffham, Fakenham and Wells which show possible rides and bike shops;
  • CyclOSM is an interesting map view which paints big roads in light blue (similar to water) to avoid distracting the eye when you're trying to plan a cycle ride. I'm told some German paper cycle maps take a similar approach;
  • Waymarked Trails is the easiest site to use to download GPX copies of signposted cycle routes: move the map to show the route you want, then click "Routes" to open the list of names, then the name and then the download link;
  • Cycle Parking Map uses coloured blobs to show where we know cycle parking can be found most easily in our area, from grey blobs for little cycle parks to red blobs for the largest (thanks to our sister group Spokes East Kent for hosting that) - sadly, it might also be worth checking the Stolen Bikes map (scroll down a bit for the national map and zoom it in);
  • Tube-style Map is a quick overview of King's Lynn's cycle route network;
  • offers a choice of quiet routes, fast routes or balanced;
  • shows cycle campaign topics on a map - Amenagements Cycleables shows cycling infrastructure on a bare map (and shows scores for France, but not the UK yet) and can show "cycleability" scores (as used by the cyclestreets planner) but we're still looking for replacements for the ITO World Speed Limits Map (useful to illustrate progress towards space4cycling's 20mph aim) and MapZen's Walkabout Bike Map which attempted to estimate cycle route quality;
  • is what all of the above are based upon - if you find problems in any of them, please correct this one and the others will update in time;
  • easy to use bicycle route mapping and sharing website;
  • Visit West Norfolk: Cycling lets you download the out-of-date/latest 2008 council cycle route map - mentioned here for completeness - Visit Cambridgeshire: Cycling has a later map for the Wisbech area;
  • is Norfolk County Council's Google-based map of roadworks;
  • NCC Norfolk Winter Map shows which roads are gritted (plus the A47 is gritted by the UK government). NOTE: Norfolk fails to grit cycleways, while even the road parts of Route 1 are not gritted between Saddlebow and St Germans (use the main road?), south of Lords Bridge (junction with Regional 30 - head west to Terrington St John and the old A47?), or north of Sandringham (use the B road through Dersingham?), and Route 11 is gritted only between Watlington and Denver;
  • is a map for reporting problems to the right council (it figures out the right council for you) and sharing the details with other people.

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