Closes Sun 14 March: NCR1 / Gaywood Road Crossing

There is a consultation currently running about proposed changes to where National Cycle Route 1 Sandringham Railway Path crosses Gaywood Road near Strikes and KES until Sunday 14th March. Here is an excerpt of the proposed design:

Initial comments from this month's online meeting were that:

  • we welcome the possible increased capacity from a wider crossing at this bottleneck, and
  • we hope that splitting walking and cycling crossings will mean a longer green time for cycling and some sort of approach detection to minimise delays to journeys, possibly even defaulting to green for the crossing because this is NCR 1, a primary national cycle route, but the road is only number 148 - a third-level route, but
  • we do not like the fenced no-man's-land between the two crossings because it fails to maximise capacity and could risk a car stopping between the two crossings when the lights change, creating great uncertainty and conflict — the two crossings should be immediately adjacent as shown in Indicative Layout 5/02 from the London Cycling Design Standards or from Norwich in the Figure 10.10 of the 2020 Cycle Infrastructure Design manual:
(from LTN 1/20)
  • we doubt that thermal sensors will reliably identify cyclists wearing winter thermal jackets (possibly making them use the defective-signals procedure to cross), and
  • we think there is not currently enough space for cyclists and walkers to split and merge, especially on the KES side due to the redundant wall and gate hardware so either this must be removed or, if not, the crossing should probably remain a toucan mixed crossing but be made wider.

What do you think? Please comment here or on facebook either today or tomorrow (Saturday) so we can send them in. You can also download the full plan and the letter to residents, and submit your own comments at Your views on our proposed changes to Gaywood Road, King's Lynn

This and some cycle parking are the only measures in King's Lynn from the Active Travel Fund yet to be proposed. We hope that future rounds will build some of the missing routes in the Local Cycling and Walking Plan or improve the clearly substandard sections, and start work on the new Greenways.


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