October/November Rides

Day Ride                             Sunday 3rd October                        10.00am Lynnsport                                         A ride to Swaffham Market Cross Café. About 40 miles. Day Ride                            Sunday 10th October                       10.00am Lynnsport    A ride to The Granary Tea Room, Snettisham.  About 30 miles.                                                                                                                                                              Day Ride                            Sunday 17th October                       10.00am Lynnsport                                         A ride to Denver where we can choose between the Golf Club ...


October Meeting and Consultations

Our October meet-up will be at the Rathskeller on South Quay on Thursday 14 October at 7.30pm for 8 at the outside tables. Bring a warm coat but it's a mild evening at the time of writing, so here's hoping for the same then! New Consultations Necton PR3963 71908 North Pickenham Road/ Browns Lane - ...


Oct/Nov Bulletin

Vicky’s Pedal and Chat rides every Tuesday evening Lynnsport 6.30pm. Chat and plan meeting on second Thursday of the month. Probably at The Ratskeller but check the website for confirmation of time and place. The link for ordering BUG T-shirts has changed to: https://veganplanetoutfit.teemill.com/product/klwnbug-t-shirt/ Keep an eye on www.klwnbug.co.uk  for details of consultations and social meetings ...


September Meeting and Consultations

We've got an outside table booked at the Swan Inn, South Wootton (on Nursery Lane between NCN1 and the Edward Benefer/Low Road cycleway), for our monthly social this Thursday, 9 September 2021. Some of us are meeting at the Wootton Gap (Castle Rising Rd/ Grimston Rd/ Low Rd/ Wootton Rd) junction first to look at ...


September Rides

Day Ride                                   Sunday 5th September                 10.00am Lynnsport                                         A picnic ride to Ten Mile Bank;  bring a picnic or visit the golf club or windmill in Denver.  About 41 miles. Norfolk Churches Ride                  Saturday 11th September               10.00am Lynnsport Aiming to visit East Lexham and possibly Houghton on the Hill, perhaps with a lunch stop in Swaffham. ...


September News

Cycling is getting a second year of extra funding! After last year's Active Travel Fund paid for an upgrade at the crossing near KES and removal of the stupid gate and slalom, this year Norfolk and Lincolnshire have each been given over £300,000 from a Capability Fund, while Cambridgeshire's allocation was withheld until they promised ...


Consultations August 2021

New Consultations We've been invited to take part in the Great Big Green Week 18 – 26 September 2021 to highlight active travel. Are we up for that? Ideas for what to do? Who would we nominate as Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Cycling Commissioner? And who wants to get involved in their active travel forum for ...


KLWNBUG Social August 2021

The KLWNBUG social is LIVE again this month! We will be sat at a table outside the Rathskeller on South Quay from 7:30 PM onwards this Thursday 12 August if you'd like to join us. Some chat about this month's consultations will probably start about 8pm.

Holland Hundred 2021

The route for this year’s Holland Hundred will be the following, subject to traffic diversions on the day: https://cycle.travel/map/journey/231797 Please pray for light winds and a dry day!!  Don’t forget that we’d like to start prompt from Lynnsport at 9.00am.