Improvements Needed

The following is an incomplete list of space4cycling improvements needed. Most of them have appeared in council plans for decades (with great names like CIF, KLATS, KLyMaD, KLURS or the Hunstanton Masterplan) without ever being built. It's time to stop just making plans and start building them!

King's Lynn

  1. Cycle Hire in the town centre
  2. Tennyson Road level crossing improvement - possibly walking/cycling bridge reinstatement (costed during electrification?)
  3. Cycleway connection across the Docks level crossing between the Bawsey Drain Path and the town centre 20mph zone
  4. Connect the cycleways across the cut bridge (various costs have been cited to the cycle forum by NCC delegates over the years, so they must exist)
  5. A safe cycle route connection across the town centre (Norfolk Street was part of CIF2 - but other routes possible)
  6. Improvements to The Walks junctions - St John's, St James and Extons Road (costed as part of the Walks Heritage Lottery Fund project?)
  7. Crossing London Road from Millfleet to the Walks (costed for CIF2)
  8. Hardings Way completion and safety measures (costed for CIF2)
  9. Extension of cycleway from West Lynn to Millenium Way
  10. A47 Hardwick Junction cycleway rebuilt to guidance (Highways Agency) and completion of Hardwick Road cycleway between McDonalds and Horsleys Chase
  11. Re-open Tower Street to cycling
  12. Expand default 20mph zone to the whole of Lynn (see
  13. A safe crossing of the A149 Lynn bypass to the east of the town (signalise QEH crossing, Knights Hill bridge and Sandy Lane surfacing, or otherwise - possibly costed during KLMD aka Hardwick supermarkets, but I don't think so)
  14. Wootton Road Improvements Marsh Lane to Grimston Road
  15. Connect Gaywood River Lane to Riverside
  16. Better surface to Gaywood Swan Lane
  17. Vancouver Avenue/Goodwins Road/Tennyson Road Improvements
  18. Connect south end of Edward Benefer Way cycleway to Loke Road
  19. Columbia Way cycleway Loke Road to Greenpark Avenue
  20. Southgates Roundabout to Guanock Terrace cycleway
  21. Link the Hardwick Industrial Estates and along the former railway to West Winch, Saddlebow Industrial Estate and the Great Ouse Path
  22. Connections through Hillington Square
  23. Park and Ride-a-Bike

West Norfolk

  1. Brecks Regional Park
  2. Countryside and Recreation Zone
  3. Gaywood Valley Link and Osier Marsh
  4. SEKL Green Infrastructure
  5. Cock Drove and Kingston's Plantation
  6. Denver Waterways
  7. Downham Market Ring
  8. Downham Market Southern Orbital Cycleway
  9. Downham Market Expansion Green Infrastructure
  10. Drainage Channel Cycleway
  11. Hunstanton Park Access
  12. Hunstanton Expansion Green Infrastructure
  13. Oasis Way to Cliff Top Link
  14. Hunstanton Masterplan Cycleways 1-5 (NCC allocated funding in 2008 - what's happened since?)

If you have other suggestions, please mention them to us in the comments, here or on facebook.

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  1. The cycle track between West lynn and millennium way would be a great help as it is so uneven and the need of lighting up to the junction of millennium way as very dark when you come out of west lynn very dangerous peice of road as the cars drives very fast on this road also as you come up to the south lynn junction the visabilty comeing from cycle path is restricted very dangerous we use this track to Kings lynn from clenchwarton everyday all year round saves using the car hope my comments were of help David newmana

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