Upcoming Events

The Tour de Broads Sportive takes place on Sunday 18th August. http://www.tourdebroads.com/ The Shouldham Beer Festival runs from 30th August 5pm to 1st September 7pm. https://kingsarmsshouldham.co.uk/events/beer-cider-gin-music-festival-2019/ Several Regional Audaxes: Sat 20 July Bildeston, Suffolk 100/160/200k. Sat 24 August Mildenhall Cycling Festival 52/100/160/200/300k Sat 21 September Carbrooke Watton 100/200k Sat 28 September Suffolk Byways 117k http://www.aukweb.net/events/detail/19-105/

July/August/September 2019 rides

Day Ride Sunday 21st July 10.00am Lynnsport A ride to North Creake Abbey which Trev has worked out at 82km (51 odd miles) to jump the gun of his 82nd birthday. Coffee and cake on me. Day Ride Sunday 28th July 10.00am Lynnsport Jazz at West Acre. Bring a picnic, a bottle of wine and ...