County Council Elections


This May, voters across our area go to the ballot box to elect their county councillors for the next four years - and the county councils control the vast majority of the roads and cycle tracks that we need. The A47 is the only road near us that is controlled by central government. Almost everything else is Norfolk, Cambridgeshire or Lincolnshire County Councils.

So please do three simple things to send a message that we want space for cycling:

1. join the Big Ride for Space for Cycling at 11am on Saturday 22 April from Lynnsport front door cycle park - this is one of dozens of parts of the Big Ride taking place in towns and cities across the country. Every rider will count!

2. ask any county council candidates you meet or find online if they will help provide space for cycling - if you want ideas for what to ask for then find something from our needed space4cycling list in their area - and then tell us what they say on the form below.

3. Vote Bike on Thursday 4 May by looking at the candidate lists on our website and considering cycling when casting your vote.

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