November 2021 Meeting and Consultations

New Consultations 21/02057/S257 - Snettisham Mill Gardens, diversion of right of way. Footpath. Open Spaces Society is objecting but I feel we should make no comment due to lack of right of access for cycling. 21/01979/FM - King's Lynn Queen Elizabeth Hospital, new class C2 building. I think this is near the site of the ...


October Meeting and Consultations

Our October meet-up will be at the Rathskeller on South Quay on Thursday 14 October at 7.30pm for 8 at the outside tables. Bring a warm coat but it's a mild evening at the time of writing, so here's hoping for the same then! New Consultations Necton PR3963 71908 North Pickenham Road/ Browns Lane - ...


September Meeting and Consultations

We've got an outside table booked at the Swan Inn, South Wootton (on Nursery Lane between NCN1 and the Edward Benefer/Low Road cycleway), for our monthly social this Thursday, 9 September 2021. Some of us are meeting at the Wootton Gap (Castle Rising Rd/ Grimston Rd/ Low Rd/ Wootton Rd) junction first to look at ...


Consultations August 2021

New Consultations We've been invited to take part in the Great Big Green Week 18 – 26 September 2021 to highlight active travel. Are we up for that? Ideas for what to do? Who would we nominate as Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Cycling Commissioner? And who wants to get involved in their active travel forum for ...


KLWNBUG Social August 2021

The KLWNBUG social is LIVE again this month! We will be sat at a table outside the Rathskeller on South Quay from 7:30 PM onwards this Thursday 12 August if you'd like to join us. Some chat about this month's consultations will probably start about 8pm.

KLWNBUG Social July 2021

The KLWNBUG social is going back LIVE this week! Rob's back garden at 75 Friars Street, King's Lynn PE30 5AP is open for business from 7:30 PM onwards this Thursday. Bring something to eat or drink to share. Plenty of space for socially distancing and bike storage. Even got a big awning in case it's ...


Consultations June 2021

Here are the consultations and updates we've received this month, some with possible responses: SCR/2021/0004 - new Four-Armed Roundabout, junction of Hempton Road and Dereham Road, Hempton near Fakenham. Sent a comment noting the presence of cycle routes and a need for this to conform to Local Transport Note 1/20 Cycle Infrastructure Design, which has ...