Happy New Year - Happy New Roadworks (Waterloo Street and John Kennedy Road)

News from Norfolk County Council: "Waterloo Street will be closed to traffic until mid March for kerbing, drainage, paving and street lighting works. Those who need to reach vehicular accesses within the street should follow signage and direction on site to do so – as works progress the access point may be either from Railway Road or from Blackfriars Road."

"Albion Street will be closed at its junction with Railway Road as part of the work to form a new exit from the bus station for north-bound buses. The remainder of the street will effectively become a cul-de-sac with access to the taxi rank from Old Market Street. As works progress further updates will detail how traffic will be accommodated."

For Further Information, see www.west-norfolk.gov.uk/busstationworks - National Cycle Route 1 through the bus station area will be diverted various ways, although I suggest exiting the town centre along Regent Way and Broad Walk for the whole time the roadworks are on instead, avoiding the tight turns, kerb-hops and messy junctions of the low-quality diversions.

Also until mid-March, the John Kennedy Road/North Street junction is being rebuilt and has temporary traffic lights. There's not really any good way to avoid that one. This whole development seems a missed opportunity for cycling: our request for a protected cycle lane was rejected (it'll be another one-way advisory cycle lane putting riders in danger, similar to the rubbish one by the swimming pool) and the new Freebridge Housing will have yet another unsecure open bike shed instead of a proper cycle store. The developers, Norfolk Police, the Borough and County Councils all seem unwilling to help in this area: they are doing the bare minimum, providing for cycling like it's 1999 still. I hope all the cycle-smart officers are working on the bus station so we get something decent there!

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