Space4cycling 2017 Workshop Report

I've just left the workshop starting work on the campaign to get more pro-cycling councillors elected in next year's elections. I had to choose one workshop from policy, communications and technology, so trusting that the CycleNation team will do technology well and having checked there were other rural voices in the policy one, I went ...


Kicking off #space4cycling 2017!

It seems like just two weeks ago that the 2016 elections took place and yet, work starts in Leicester this weekend on the national space4cycling campaign for the 2017 county council elections. space4cycling is one of BUG's current campaigns, calling for useful routes to be opened to cycling or made easier, whether by reducing motorist ...


Tips on Cycling in Snow and Ice

The fens have just started getting snow and sadly, our councils are not as cool as Copenhagen's snow-clearing yet: Riding through fresh snow is surprisingly grippy but it often doesn't last long before some of it gets compacted into ice by other road users. It can also hide debris - one of my best bike ...


Your Bike? ProperLockIt!

It's that time of year again: students are going to university, many are looking to buy bikes and bike thieves are looking for ways to make easy money. Don't let them take your bike easily - #ProperLockIt, as shown in this video from our friends in Cambridge.