Please Can You Spare 5 Minutes? 15? 90? 180?

If you can spare 5 minutes... please visit or find us on Twitter and share one of our posts and leave us a comment or a like - help get people talking about cycling!

If you can spare 15 minutes... please spend 15 minutes counting cyclists and walkers past one of the key points (especially on National 1 at Hardings Way or KES) and put the results into our website.

If you can spare 30-90 minutes... please come along to Saturday Market Place on Thursday 17 October between 5pm and 6.30pm to make some noise, fly any flags or banners you have and ride laps of the square to greet the councillors arriving for the meeting.

If you can spare 3 hours... please come with us into the council meeting at 6.30pm where we will be asking the council tough questions about them prioritising cutting traffic jams over increasing cycling and walking levels and opposition councillors will be proposing to stop the changes to Hardings Way.

Hardings Way - A Way Worth Fighting To Keep!

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