January 2022 Consultations and Meeting

Due to the freezing temperatures forecast for Thursday, we're meeting online again this month. A link will be posted to this page about 7.45pm for an 8.15pm start. If you're using a mobile device, you may like to install the "JitsiMeet" app before then, or you can probably use your web browser.

Update: the link for 13 January is https://meet.cyon.tools/GiveWayWhenTurning NOT jitsi.amikoop.coop/GiveWayWhenTurning

Below are the consultations and updates we have seen so far. We also need to decide who's going to add and manage us on Active Norfolk's new website (launches 17 Jan) and whether we want to prepare publicity for the Highway Code changes or wait and see what official ads say and consider it again next month. Please make comments if you can help respond to any of these. Either simply look at the images here and comment, or click the reference number link to see the full planning file with the Documents on a tab.

New Consultations

Your Views on Norfolk County Council's Enhanced Partnership with Local Bus Operators - unfolded bikes on some buses? More bike parking at bus hubs? (maybe currently only at King's Lynn and, of all places, Narborough?)

Hockering & North Tuddenham PJA050 - 50mph limits along this section which would complete a 50mph route from Dereham to the B1535. Support? Push for further, if possible under NCC Speed Limits Policy?

F/YR21/1497/O - March, west of The Avenue, 1200 dwellings. Developing this farmland inside the bypass. Looks OK but only OK with not much to encourage cycling? Travel Plan unambitious and refers to the main link out (north) being rolled stone!

March West of The Avenue proposed road/way layout

F/YR21/1364/F - Leverington, Fendyke Lane, holiday park. Parking for 4 cars and 0 cycles.

21/02220/FM - Hillington, Ffolkes Arms, new buildings including more accommodation. They seem to have forgotten to include any cycle parking in the new 100+ space car park.

3PL/2021/1465/F - Whissonsett, New Road, wellness retreat. 9 car parking spaces, 0 cycle parking.

3PL/2021/1581/F - Reymerston, The Street, glamping site. Secure cycle store provided and use of bikes during stay encouraged. Yippee!

3PL/2021/1421/F - Letton, Letton Hall, safari tents. No cycle parking.

Updates on Past Consultations

13/01615/OM - North Runcton / West Winch, Hardwick Green (between A10 and A47), 1110 dwellings. Updated plans. As well as existing concerns, a problem with the new proposed schedule is that the north end of the site (and the more direct foot/cycle link to town) would not be built until 10 years after building started!

Hardwick Green proposed layout 2021
Hardwick Green 2021 Feeder Road Cross-section

20/01954/RMM - South Wootton, Larkfleet off Edward Benefer Way, 450 dwellings. Updated plans. Both Woottons' Parish Councils suggest a traffic-light T junction instead of the roundabout... the cycleways around the roundabout look like they were drawn by someone who thinks bicycles can turn on the spot:

Larkfleet's awful roundabout proposal, adding 4 tight-turn crossings to NCN1

21/01783/FM - Gaywood, Parkway Park, 226 dwellings. Updated plans. Cycleway improvements are in a Technical Note dated 12 Jan 2022 and seem great, but we are drafting a response to the unrealistic travel plan. It's far better than past plans, but the obvious NE-SW desire line from the existing estate to town is still so obstructed by lines of houses and some of the connections to the Sand Line Path and Parkway are pointing in silly directions. There is also a side road crossing where a cycleway should continue across, plus a load of driveways where it seems the cycleway wobbles up and down in an old-fashioned way.

Parkway estate: a missing crossing and example of too many dips!
Parkway Park proposed layout

21/00246/FM - West Lynn, east of St Peter's Road, 74 dwellings. Comment extended to point out omission of cycling from the travel plan.

21/00589/RMM - Terrington St Clement, Benns Lane, 43 dwellings. I submitted an objection due to poor cycle connectivity and breach of parking standards maximum. The cycle connectivity was improved by the developer, so I did not repeat our objection. The application was refused for other reasons.

20/00470/RMM - West Lynn, west of St Peter's Road, 38 dwellings. Updated plans 22 December. Somehow overlooked the original application. Added comments similar to the other West Lynn application about connectivity.

21/01568/FM - King's Lynn, former post office, 34 dwellings plus retail. On the NCN1 loop and has an indoor resident cycle store. Approved. Looks like there will still be space for at least 12 spaces out front, even with the new doors, but they are borough council racks installed on NCC highways land. We also need to suggest that the councils move them across the road before construction begins.

3PL/2021/1078/F - Beetley, Holt Road, 8 holiday cabins and shop. Updated plans. Store for 10 cycles added, but no visitor parking and access still only from the busy B road instead of neighbouring Green Lane (which heads towards NCN13). Shall I repeat parts of our past objection?

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