29 May Ride London Free Cycle (train assist)

29 May Ride London Free Cycle (train assist)

As mentioned in the last email, trains leave Lynn 0825 and hourly thereafter. It seems that a group of us will be on the 0925 arriving London Kings Cross about 1110, then riding from the birdcage outside the door by platform 10 to the Old Red Lion to join the Free Cycle loop.

(Suggested route: https://cycle.travel/map/journey/318418    

Trains home leave Kings Cross at 12 past each hour. If you leave while the Free Cycle is still open (before 1500), returning from the Old Red Lion may be the easiest. After that, either find and follow Cycle Superhighway 6 north, or try https://cycle.travel/map/journey/23056 from near Trafalgar Square.

For those not going to London, meet at Lynnsport at 1000 and follow National Cycle Route 1 north to Sedgeford and Ringstead Open Gardens, or other ride agreed on the day by those present.

Barriers Win!

Well done to all the campaigners who have spent years asking and persuading the Wootton Park authorities to remove the discriminatory and injurious barriers and thank you to the parish councils for listening and acting. The barriers have gone! You can now ride National Cycle Route 1 through the beautiful park even with wide handlebars without fear of injury from badly installed rusting crash barriers.

But... the crash barriers by the Wisbech Road crossings remain. Please keep asking the borough and county councils for their removal because they are vicious, discriminate against some cyclists and are a hostile welcome to the town for cycle-tourists.

Have you or your bike been injured by a barrier that wasn't your fault? Please get in touch with your story and we'll forward it to the councillors responsible.

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