QEH Area Changes Consultation

Norfolk County Council is consulting on changes to Gayton Road in the QEH area. The survey closes Friday. Here's the summary diagram:

What can you see? Here's my list so far:

  1. Anti-skid road surface should be yellow (like at Hardwick) not red (which is for cycleways like the Blackfriars St one used to be);
  2. the crossing between the Hospital Entrance and WC Drive should be a zebra with cycle crossing, not a toucan. The toucan would misdirect riders towards the dangerous A149 crossing and result in a safety reduction. A zebra-with-cycle crossing may mean no signal maintenance bay is required and so allow the exit from the cycleway to the miniroundabout to remain, until such time that the A149 Hospital Roundabout is brought up to Cycle Infrastructure Design (LTN 1/20) manual standard;
  3. the zebra crossing between Hospital Entrance and Service Road should be a zebra with cycle too, enabling riders on the Yellow Pedalway to avoid crossing Service Road, Springwood and a load of restricted visibility driveways then waiting for the Spring Lane toucan. This would be a safety improvement. The ramp should also have a shallower arm added to face westwards, towards the centres of Fairstead and Gaywood;
  4. the opportunity should be taken to improve the foot+cycle crossings of Service Road and Hospital Entrance to the minimum standard shown in Cycle Infrastructure Design manual, including approach widths and Cycle Design Vehicle turning radii and entry angles. If this means reallocating road space on Hospital Entrance so it is no longer 2+2 lanes, so be it. This would be a big safety improvement;
  5. "Deterrent paving" (a surface of blunt concrete pyramids or large pebbles, known colloquially as "ankle-breakers") should not be used. It is a trip hazard and a safety problem that has no place in a modern streetscape. Its use often indicates that a key walking desire line is not being served adequately. Is the scheme designer aware that the most direct walking to Centre Point is currently down the steps proposed for removal and then the path from the southern of the two bends in the service road? The attempt to deflect all walkers on a 200m detour to the bus stop ramp seems hostile, at best.
  6. I question the removal of the double-height kerbs and whether it will lead to an increased risk of a large vehicle overrunning the verge and falling down the embankment into the residential service road used as the Yellow Pedalway;
  7. Active Travel England should be consulted on the layouts of this primary walking and cycling corridor.

The consultation form is online at www.norfolk.gov.uk/gaytonroad if you're quick.

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