September Meeting and Consultations

We've got an outside table booked at the Swan Inn, South Wootton (on Nursery Lane between NCN1 and the Edward Benefer/Low Road cycleway), for our monthly social this Thursday, 9 September 2021.

Some of us are meeting at the Wootton Gap (Castle Rising Rd/ Grimston Rd/ Low Rd/ Wootton Rd) junction first to look at the recent changes. Feel free to either meet us there at 7:30pm or go straight to the pub (the table is reserved from 7:30). 😊🚲

New Consultations

Highways England Route Strategies - a new website where we can point out where the A47 needs cycleways and crossings. Open now until 30 November. Please keep filling them out. The more the merrier!

3PL/2021/1248/F - Caravans at Pentney Leisure and Bowls Club. Latest application in a series. Again, it does not "promote opportunities for sustainable transport" (Breckland policy TR01) so maybe we should object on that basis?

F/YR21/0939/SC - Weasenham Lane junction changes, Wisbech. Also known as Wisbech Access Strategy project EH7B. I'm sure we've objected to this before. Probably worth repeating our complaints to the designer, rather than trying to comment on an /SC (screening) application about environmental impact assessments, where the planners usually just tell me to go away. Update: past complaint was "EH7b is another Wisbech Access project that claims "improvements for pedestrians and cyclists" but none are shown. It noticeably does not except cycles from the one-way section of Elm Low Road or upgrade the nearby pedestrian-only crossing to improve NCN63. And why is Wisbech adding large uncontrolled roundabouts near the town centre at a time when other towns are replacing them with traffic lights to enable traffic management?"

Updates on Past Consultations

21/01235/F - variation of conditions to allow an open bike rack at a block of flats in Tower Street. I'm awaiting reply from the police. I find it difficult to believe the police will want an avoidable bike theft problem on their doorstep. Update: NCC Highways have asked for Sheffield stands and cycle lockers, in line with the Parking Standards.

21/00995/FM - NHS surgery off Edward Benefer Way. NCC Highways have recommended refusal due to, amongst other things, the dodgy crossing of NCN1. Correct decision!

20/00724/FM (this link is to our objections) - 379 houses on Parkway Park, Gaywood. The application was withdrawn on 13 August 2021. Great move!

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