November 2021 Meeting and Consultations

New Consultations

21/02057/S257 - Snettisham Mill Gardens, diversion of right of way. Footpath. Open Spaces Society is objecting but I feel we should make no comment due to lack of right of access for cycling.

21/01979/FM - King's Lynn Queen Elizabeth Hospital, new class C2 building. I think this is near the site of the old (pre-pod) bike shed. It proposes a "new weatherproof shelter will be provided close to the entrance of the facility that is secure, covered and convenient to use. This will accommodate up to 12 cycles" but police request "that staff continue to use the main storage facility for cycles nearby" may have been misinterpreted by one planning officer as removing all cycle storage to the main car park (which would not meet the Parking Standards). The applicant also includes the NCC CWAP map of cycleways, which is wildly incorrect. The last revision of the plans still show covered cycle parking. Shall we offer a messy response supporting the original application, opposing the misinterpretation and seeking a cycleway link from Gayton Road?

21/02085/FM - Tilney All Saints Lynn Road, new workshop and yard. Design and Access Statement calls Lynn Road "excellent" and doesn't even consider cycling or walking access. Object?

3PL/2021/1500/F - Neaton Business Park North, two business units. Design and Access Report refers to a "Highways and Transport report" which seems not to be online. MJ has requested it.

3DC/2021/0287/DOC - Dereham Norwich Road, 62 dwellings (condition). No cycling content?

3PL/2021/1312/D - Hockering Heath Road, 28 dwellings (details). Could seek the footpath upgraded to a bridleway, note that any speed tables must be sinusoidal and suggest Dutch Kerbs taking cars up to footway level, instead of the proposed "Dropped Kerb Crossing".

21/02027/PACU6 - Heacham South Beach Road, conversion to small hotel. Plans do not seem to include cycle parking/storage required by the standards. Object?

21/02051/F - Hunstanton Le Strange Terrace, conversion into 5 dwellings. Mentions "vertical bike storage will be provided for each dwelling in the access corridor at ground floor level". This seems ableist and does not meet the standards. Object?

21/01957/F - Burnham Market Church Walk, build of 4 dwellings. No cycle parking shown, no garages, not even a solid shed base or enough space in the boot room. Object?

21/01873/FM - Gaywood Parkway, 226 new dwellings. To be completed following meeting.

Easton-Costessey, Dereham Road : Footway/Cycleway Conversion Notice 2021 - PR3904 (DPS 72218) - footway to be converted to a 3m cycleway/footway. Support and request extension across the Longwater junction? If both happened, it would shorten the shortest non-A-road Lynn-Norwich cycle route by another 2.5km.

Updates on Past Consultations

21/01235/F - variation of conditions to allow an open bike rack at a block of flats in Tower Street. The NCC request does not show on the planning file, but the plans have been updated to show Sheffield stands. I cannot spot the lockers.

21/00995/FM - NHS surgery off Edward Benefer Way, King's Lynn. NCC Highways withdrew their objection. We sent a letter and MJ spoke at the hearing. It was still approved, but with a strengthened condition on cycle parking (thanks councillors). It seems that councillors trust NCC to resolve what we think are impossible conflicts during the section 278 process. Time will tell.

21/00855/FM - 96 dwellings, Lynnsport Aconite Road Site, King's Lynn. NCC Highways seem to be holding the developer to sorting out the mess at the east end of the development and to providing cycleway links to the adjacent existing road to the north. The only thing obviously missing is the cycleway link to Lynnsport adjacent plot 47.

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