November 2022 Consultations

New Development Plans

The QEH is applying to build a new Temple Of Cars right next to Gayton Road
The QEH is also applying to build more small buildings with car parking but no cycle parking

The Stag at West Acre has plans including more car parking and some substandard cycle parking
The New Inn at Hockwold makes odd claims about trains and cycleways.
Outline plan to build homes on the edge of Marham.
Downham Country Store (Bexwell) has plans including more car parking and still no bike parking
Ken Hill plan to rebuild Heacham Bottom Farm (formerly Open Sky Cycles) including covered cycle parking, bike hire and a foot/cycle route to Snettisham
King William IV Sedgeford has plans for a holiday home but still no cycle parking

Also, 20mph proposals for South Wootton, Leonard Close & Sandbach Close, 30mph for North & South Creake (to become 30mph through South Creake and 50mph between/around them, currently 40/60), 40mph for Terrington St John, Church Road (to the A47 junctions, currently 60mph through them) and 40mph for Market Lane in Walpole, Walpole Cross Keys & Terrington St Clement.

NCC is also seeking Your views on our proposal to save money by reducing weed spraying activities on the highway and a Norfolk County Council budget consultation 2023/24

BCKLWN is asking CIL applications – what projects would YOU like to see funded? but it's not clear how answers should be given.

There is a petition asking for a roundabout at Langley Road on Grimston Road, the current east end of the Woottons cycle route (previously part of local route 2). Do we support that, hoping for an orbital cycleway? Would we prefer a Cyclops there?

Continuing Work

We're still trying to avoid HGVs turning into the forthcoming building site across NCN1 Edward Benefer Way in a fast sweeping turn with skid/crash hazard kerbs. No promises yet and, frankly, a disappointing lack of concern for road safety from everyone else involved so far.

We might be finally getting somewhere with the A10 cycleway overgrowth (down to 1m width in a couple of places) after spotting that NCC's Transport Asset Maintenance Plan has apparently had no plan for overgrowth wider than 300mm since 2017, so arguably NCC would have no leg to stand on in court if it causes injury. Are there other big overgrowths which should be challenged, too?

There's a new Norfolk Parking Guidelines 2022. It's largely the same as the 2007 Standards, but I do not know why this has been downgraded from Standards to Guidelines and someone should probably ask formally.

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