Vote Bike 2021

On 6 May 2021, you can vote in local and regional elections. Please Vote Bike. And if you have had any leaflets from candidates, please contact them to ask if they support cycling. Here are some suggested questions for county council candidates (if you're not near King's Lynn, change the town name!):

Why it's worth implementing more cycling and walking...
  1. Will you support spending £20 per person of the transport budget on cycling and walking projects to reduce pollution and improve health by creating "20 minute neighbourhoods"?
  2. Will you support spending £2m starting to implement active travel plans around King's Lynn before allocating yet more to Norwich's third ring road?
  3. How will you help implement the "Gear Change" transport policy?

If you are in Cambridgeshire (Wisbech, March, Littleport...) then you might like to ask similar questions of the candidates for the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Regional Mayor.

You also have a vote for Police and Crime Commissioner. They generally don't send out leaflets because of cost, so you need to visit to see their policies. This means that contacting them can make more difference than you think, simply because fewer people look closely. I suggest the following questions:

  1. How will you encourage Operation Snap (acting on bike cam and dash cam submissions) and Operation Close Pass (unmarked police bicycles with cameras in close pass hotspots)?
  2. Are you in favour of Vision Zero or Sustainable Safety?
  3. What other support will you offer to Active Travel?

If you'd like more ideas for questions, Sustrans have published their 2021 manifesto for English local elections and Cycling UK have suggested some questions to ask Police and Crime Commissioners and provide a simple "contact your councillor candidates" tool if you haven't had any leaflets.

Please, get involved asking questions now and then on Thursday 6 May, please vote for candidates with good answers.

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