Updated Highway Code

On 29 January 2022, a new edition of the Highway Code was published online. Most of the changes are clarifications to existing rules, such as the instruction for drivers turning to let people cross side roads, or minor updates to make the code match national training standards, such as the new parts on riding centrally ...


Vote Bike 2021

On 6 May 2021, you can vote in local and regional elections. Please Vote Bike. And if you have had any leaflets from candidates, please contact them to ask if they support cycling. Here are some suggested questions for county council candidates (if you're not near King's Lynn, change the town name!): Will you support ...


Operation Close Pass comes to East Anglia

Norfolk and Suffolk police have launched their Operation Close Pass, using unmarked police cyclists to identify drivers who don't give 1.5m (a bit over half a car's width) of space when overtaking. Any motorists identified are then stopped by uniformed traffic police and offered a choice between a ticket and an education session nearby if ...


Call for Police Help to Reduce Road Casualties

What has happened? The number of cyclists being killed or seriously injured on Norfolk’s roads has risen, prompting the county’s Police and Crime Commissioner to call for a campaign to get more children to wear cycle helmets (EDP). What's wrong with that? Any increase in cycling casualties is bad, but Commissioner Green's campaign won't reduce ...


Your Bike? ProperLockIt!

It's that time of year again: students are going to university, many are looking to buy bikes and bike thieves are looking for ways to make easy money. Don't let them take your bike easily - #ProperLockIt, as shown in this video from our friends in Cambridge.