Consultations May 2021

Here are the consultation updates we have seen for the May 2021 meeting:

Burnham Market, Creake Road : Proposed 20mph Speed Limit Order - PR3947 (DPS 70925) - I sent an initial response requesting the 20mph extension to continue to the south edge of village and along NCN1. NCN1 is too narrow for 60mph and changing from National Speed Limit to 20mph right at a staggered crossroads is not good and results in motorists mistakenly thinking it is 30 not 20. The request was rebuffed because this tiny extension is only happening because of planning application 19/01239/F

Watton, A1075 Thetford Road, C492 Watton Road Proposed 30mph Speed Limit Order : PR2212 - Vf 64506 - no response sent yet. What do you think?

Scarning, C470 Main Road/Swaffham Road : Proposed 40MPH & 50MPH Speed Limit Order - PGA033 (Vf 63401) - we received notice that our request for 40mph on the old Main Road between Scarning and Dereham throughout (instead of the limit yoyoing 40-50-40) was considered and rejected. However, the attached decision report says that the only alternative decisions considered were the 40-50-40 and no change, which was not our request. What shall we do now?

Area of Freebridge Services

20/01685/FM Highways depot at Freebridge Services. I sent an objection that no link was being made to the West Lynn Cycling/Walking Corridor (local route 9) and that exit from the site currently requires cyclists to make a U turn around the large A17/A47 pullover roundabout, which effectively denies workers at the site the choice of active travel, contrary to borough, county and national policies. Also notified the borough and county councillors for the area.

20/01957/FM 78 dwellings N of Salters Road King's Lynn. Design changes have been made: there is now level access to the northern bridge, but it is still too narrow and not opened to cyclists. Also, there is a new note from NCC Green Infrastructure that Salters Road "must remain open and accessible for the duration of the development and subsequent occupation." More generally, the proposal offers some improvement for cycling in that it filters out motor traffic from Salters Road and hard-surfaces it, but it will cause an increase in motoring and there is no cycling access to the Bawsey Drain Path. Initially, we objected to the steps to the old footbridge to the Bawsey Drain Path (local route 6) and lack of a northwestern bridge on an obvious desire line. Do we wish to continue our objection?

Area of Salters Road (mid-left) and Aconite Road (top right) plans.
Lynnsport is middle-right, with its running track.
Bawsey Drain Path is the solid blue line top left

21/00855/FM - 96 dwellings, Aconite Road, King's Lynn. Connecting Aconite Road to North Lynn will only increase the rat-running on Marsh Lane. The drawings downgrade the cycling link from Lynnsport and Leisure Park to a "pedestrian access" and show the northern footway alongside the ratrun abruptly changing width at the site boundary. Page 13 of the Design and Access statement is the most damning, showing that they are deliberately connecting a "proposed primary spine vehicular road" to a "secondary vehicular road" and despite the claim of "inclusion of cycleways" this development includes none. No comment made yet.

21/00623/RMM - 49 dwellings, Tamar Nurseries, West Walton. Near NCN1 on an obvious shortcut which is too busy to be part of NCN1. This will further increase traffic levels. Also shows a shop with no indication of cycle parking provision. No comment made yet.

18/01960/NMAM_4 - 33 dwellings, Docking. Has cycleway connection to Well Street with infernal slalom barriers. Amendment seeks timing change. I suggest we have no objection.

3PL/2021/0653/O - 31 dwellings, Hockering. All up a new "type 6" (small!) road off Heath Road. All houses have garages which could store bikes so not sure this is worth comment.

3PL/2021/0437/D - 21 dwellings, Foulden. Another "type 6" dead-end with garages off School Road. Again, not worth comment?

21/00765/F - 16 dwellings, Main Road, Clenchwarton. Opposite the Partridge (former Victory) PH. Adds three shared driveways to Main Road. Should we seek contribution to extension of the West Lynn Cycling/Walking Corridor?

21/00794/FM- construction of industrial buildings, Whittington. The Big K site. Includes covered parking for 10 cycles but no detail what type, so we probably should comment to request Parking Standards for Norfolk. Should we also ask for connection to cycle route RR(30) in Stoke Ferry to help workers choose to cycle?

DC/21/0647/VAR - 13 additional holiday lodges, Elveden Forest. Actually an amendment to replace a lodge with a more accessible one. Much as I'd love to get better cycling connections from Elveden, I don't think we will get anything from such a small application.

Late addition: 21/00152/RMM 300 dwellings on Denver Hill, Downham Market. Updated designs. The walking/cycling link to London Road has been added (hooray!) but NCN 11 is still shown as a narrow grass track. I've reiterated our objections and emailed the developer too.

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